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Local Attractions in Rye, Colorado

In its colorful history, the Greenhorn Valley has been claimed and fought over by Indians, foreign countries, the Confederacy, various states, the Jefferson and Colorado territories, and the new State of Colorado. It is one of the original Colorado counties and in 1866 added a part of Huerfano County to its southeast corner. Pueblo County was named for the Spanish word for "town" or "village." For centuries people have settled in what we now call Pueblo.

Greenhorn Valley has a humid subtropical climate, featuring over 300 days of sunshine per year. This climate type that is common in the eastern United States, but very rare in this region of the country; steppe or subtropical highland climates are more common in higher-altitude parts of this region. This isolated pocket of humid subtropical climate exists due to the orographic enhancement of precipitation levels and summers still being just hot enough to qualify for the climate type.

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Local Attractions in Rye, Colorado

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