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Hiking the Greenhorn Mountain

Nowhere else among Colorado's wilderness areas does one find the juxtaposition of mountains and plains as in Greenhorn Mountain, where the Rockies meet up abruptly with the Great North American Prairie.

Part of the greater Laramide Orogeny that began uplifting these mountains some 65 million years years ago, the granite crystalline core of Greenhorn Mountain (and the Wet Mountain Range of which it is a part) warped upward through sedimentary rock.

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Driving the Greenhorns

Frontier Pathways Scenic & Historic Byway

Beyond the interstate - beyond the hustle of Colorado’s exciting Front Range cities - there is a world of natural beauty and off-beat surprises.

This land beckons visitors with a sense of adventure. Come visit the real Colorado. See Frontier Pathways Scenic & Historic Byway.

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Highway of Legends, Colorado

The Great Outdoors

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